Real Estate Role Play

Join us every Wednesday @ 8:30am EST for a live real estate role play session.  Sign up today!

  • Improve Your Communication

    It all comes down to what you say, how you say it, and saying it to enough people!  Practice your communication skills with the professionals in this group.

  • Mastermind With Top Agents

    All of us are always smarter than one of us.  Contribute an idea or two and leave with ten more.

  • Learn New Scripts

    Become unconsciously competent with your language patterns and never get stumped again.

  • Workshop Your Objections

    Have you run into an objection that you didn't have a response for or looking to get feedback on some new language you are working on?   Run it by the group before trying out it in a real life scenario.

Session Details

Hosted by Chris Abazis

Chris has been coaching real estate brokers and salespeople since 2010 and specializes in communication, systems, technology and people.

Wednesdays @ 8:30-9:00 am EST

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